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Frequently Referenced FAQ

FAQ within [ Universal Testing Machine(UH) ]

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  • (UH) Troubleshooting

    Alarm Codes If the testing machine detects an abnormality, it displays the Alarm screen. While an alarm massage is displayed, the testing machine stops... Show Detail

    • No:7547
    • Date of Issue:2021/12/03 10:07
  • (UH) Maintenance of the Hydraulic Unit

    This is a high-pressure fixed-discharge type hydraulic unit incorporating a high-pressure type gear pump. Itmainly consists of a hydraulic pump, a pump motor... Show Detail

    • No:7546
    • Date of Issue:2021/12/03 09:02
  • (UH) Event log function

    In this machine, the past 50 event logs that are generated are saved. Event logs are subdivided intothe following classes. • Behavior of the testing machine... Show Detail

    • No:7543
    • Date of Issue:2021/12/03 09:02
  • (UH) Self-check function

    As for Items as follows, you can check the test machine as to whether they have troubles. If you think that they might have troubles, please use this functio... Show Detail

    • No:7542
    • Date of Issue:2021/12/03 09:02
  • (UH) Checking of the emergency stop equipment

    Before using this machine, please check the emergency stop equipment. If this machine didn’t work in the undermentioned check, contact a Shimadzu sales or se... Show Detail

    • No:7541
    • Date of Issue:2021/12/03 09:02
  • (UH) Adjusting the Zero Point of the Test Force (Auto Zero)

    The zero adjustment of the test force is executed automatically by a touch-panel operation (Auto Zero function). CAUTION: • The zero adjustment of... Show Detail

    • No:7540
    • Date of Issue:2021/12/02 16:22
  • (UH) Electronic Calibration (E-CAL)

    The electronic calibration (E-CAL) is required once per day before the daily startup of the testingmachine. Even so, this calibration must be done immediatel... Show Detail

    • No:7539
    • Date of Issue:2021/12/02 16:22
  • (UH) Mounting the platens for Compression Tests

    CAUTION:When attaching the compression platen, be carefull not to have your fingerscaught. Be carefull not to fall the compression platen. Compression pl... Show Detail

    • No:7538
    • Date of Issue:2021/12/02 16:09
    • Brached FAQ
  • (UH) Using the Grip jaws for Tensile Tests

    CAUTION:The grip jaws have sharp edges to allow grasping of the specimen. When handling the grip jaws, be careful not to cut your fingers or hand. ... Show Detail

    • No:7537
    • Date of Issue:2021/12/02 15:53
    • Brached FAQ
  • (UH) Levelness Inspection

    1. Levelness inspection of the load frame 1)Place a spirit level near the center of the table top and measure the levelness of the table in all dire... Show Detail

    • No:7545
    • Date of Issue:2021/12/02 15:17
    • Brached FAQ

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