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FAQ within [ Dynamic Ultra-micro Hardness Tester(DUH) ]

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  • (DUH) Balance Adjustment/Depth Detector Adjustment

    If the DUH series hardness tester normally operates, the test status displayed in the test window is changed to “Indenter down” and the displayed test force ... Show Detail

    • No:7517
    • Displayed Date:2021/12/16 14:45
    • Brached FAQ
  • (DUH) Starting X-Y stage program

    CAUTION:When starting program, the X-Y stage returns to an original position. So, lower the stage soas not to damage an indenter before starting program. ... Show Detail

    • No:7527
    • Displayed Date:2021/12/06 11:48
  • (DUH) The stage does not move

    Cause1: Alarm occurs. Measures1: Turn on the motor control box. Connect the emergency stop SW. The emergency stop SW is turnedoff. Cause2:The mot... Show Detail

    • No:7525
    • Displayed Date:2021/12/06 11:48
  • (DUH) Trouble during the test

    1. “Slide sample stage to load side” is displayed at the start of test • Causes1:The stage has not been moved to under the indenter. Before starting ... Show Detail

    • No:7524
    • Displayed Date:2021/12/06 11:48
  • (DUH) Indentation shape is abnormal

    If the Indentation shape is abnormal as shown in below, the indenter mounting part may be defective. Replace the defective part with a new one. For replaceme... Show Detail

    • No:7523
    • Displayed Date:2021/12/06 11:48
  • (DUH) Magnification Adjustment

    1. Make sure that the cables are properly connected. Turn ON the power supply. And please let me turn on a lamp. When you do not switch on the light, please ... Show Detail

    • No:7522
    • Displayed Date:2021/12/06 11:21
    • Brached FAQ
  • (DUH) Identical Focal Point Adjustment

    1. While observing a sample through the x50 objective lens, move the stage up/down by using the elevating handle to perform focal point adjustment. 2. Switc... Show Detail

    • No:7521
    • Displayed Date:2021/12/06 10:05
  • (DUH) Objective Lens Replacement

    Replacing the x50 objective lens: Part Number:344-89964-40 Objective lensx50 If the objective lens is damaged or the lens visibility is deteriorated ... Show Detail

    • No:7520
    • Displayed Date:2021/12/06 10:05
  • (DUH) Indenter Height Adjustment

    When the microscope focal point is adjusted and the stage is moved to under the indenter before a test is started, if the indenter touches the sample or the ... Show Detail

    • No:7518
    • Displayed Date:2021/12/06 10:05
  • (DUH) Centering an Indentation

    If the indenter lowering position is deviated from the center of the visual field, perform the following procedure: 1. Remove the front cover. 1) R... Show Detail

    • No:7516
    • Displayed Date:2021/12/06 10:05

1-10 of Total 13

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