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FAQ within [ Continuous Monitoring Analysis ]

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  • (GAS) LCD Contrast Adjustment

    The contrast on the LCD screen may be adjusted using the procedure described below. This procedurecan be performed on all screens except the initial scree... Show Detail

    • No:6808
    • Displayed Date:2021/08/19 15:47
    • Brached FAQ
  • (GAS) Calibration

    Prepare a zero gas and a span gas suitable for the measurement range. *1 Press [CAL] to change the screen to [Calibration]. Set the span gas concentration, ... Show Detail

    • No:6809
    • Displayed Date:2021/08/19 15:47
    • Brached FAQ
  • (GAS) Maintenance (Replacement of con...

    Parts number:638-52383NH3Absorber(6pc) (1pc used) (Replaced about every month) Parts number:638-52352-02NH3Absorber(1pc) (1pc used) (Replaced about every ... Show Detail

    • No:6810
    • Displayed Date:2021/08/20 11:16
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  • (GAS) Gas leak checking (CGT-7100)

    1. S witch the select valve to SMPL without any pipe connected to SMPL. 2. Turn on the power switch and press the MEAS key. Then adjust the needle val... Show Detail

    • No:6812
    • Displayed Date:2021/08/20 11:19
  • (GAS) No measurement signal (NOA-7100)

    • [MEAS] key lamp on?→ Press [MEAS] key for measurement state. • Are sample and air flowing?→Reset gas flow rate. If not resolved, contact a Shimad... Show Detail

    • No:6813
    • Displayed Date:2021/08/20 11:25
  • (GAS) Large zero/span drift (NOA-7100)

    • Is ambient temperature within permitted range?→ Change installation site. (Or, is there a change in ambient tempera ture of 10ºC or greater?) • Are samp... Show Detail

    • No:6815
    • Displayed Date:2021/08/20 11:25
  • (GAS) NOx signal error is large (NOA-...

    • Is O3 flowing properly?→ Reset flow rate. • Is O3 completely dehumidified?→ Replace silica gel. If not resolved, contact a Shimadzu sales or serv... Show Detail

    • No:6816
    • Displayed Date:2021/08/20 11:25
  • (GAS) Ozone odor is evident (NOA-7100)

    Has temperature of ozone deactivator risen. (The ozone deactivator is normal if it is warm to the touch.) Contact a Shimadzu sales or service representati... Show Detail

    • No:6817
    • Displayed Date:2021/08/20 11:25
  • (GAS) Response is slow when performin...

    • Any leakage from the standard gas inlet?→Attach a hose clamp to the standard gas inlet to prevent leakage. • Any leakage from the piping inside the in... Show Detail

    • No:6818
    • Displayed Date:2021/08/20 11:25
    • Updated DTM:2021/08/23 12:49
  • (GAS) O2 sensor's response becomes sl...

    • O2 sensor may be deteriorated. Contact a Shimadzu sales or service representative. Show Detail

    • No:6820
    • Displayed Date:2021/08/20 11:25

1-10 of Total 17

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