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Frequently Referenced FAQ

FAQ within [ Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy(AA) ]

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  • (AA) GFA, Cleaning the Seal

    After measurements are repeated many times, the seal (PTFE ring) may be contaminated with soot or smokegenerated from samples. If the contamination becomes s... Show Detail

    • No:5437
    • Date of Issue:2021/03/31 11:47
    • Last Updated:2022/07/08 15:36
  • (AA) GFA, Cleaning the Slide Mechanism

    The right-hand cooling block moves rightward and leftward along the two guide rods. During the sampleheating, the graphite tube expands, causing the right-ha... Show Detail

    • No:5436
    • Date of Issue:2021/03/31 11:45
    • Last Updated:2022/07/08 15:34
  • (AA) GFA, Cleaning the Temperature Sensor

    WARNING: The filter is made of glass. Handle carefully to avoid breaking it.Broken glass may cause injuries. When the graphite furnace is heated, the ... Show Detail

    • No:5435
    • Date of Issue:2021/03/31 11:43
    • Last Updated:2022/07/08 15:33
  • (AA) GFA, Cleaning and Replacing Procedure for Graphite C...

    1. Press the eject arm to release the lock and remove the graphite tube. 2. Pull the window plate sockets out from the cooling blocks. 3. Wipe off soot dep... Show Detail

    • No:5434
    • Date of Issue:2021/03/31 11:28
    • Last Updated:2022/07/08 15:31
    • Brached FAQ
  • (AA) GFA, Cleaning the Window Plate Sockets and Window Pl...

    WARNING: • RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK:Before attaching or detaching the graphite furnace or heating cables, make sure that the power is off. • The window pla... Show Detail

    • No:5555
    • Date of Issue:2021/03/31 11:10
    • Last Updated:2022/07/08 15:37
  • (AA) GFA, Mounting the Graphite Cap and Holder

    1. Mount the graphite cap. 2. Press the release lever to release the lock of the furnace and open the right-hand cooling block fully to theright. 3. Insert... Show Detail

    • No:5430
    • Date of Issue:2021/03/31 10:51
    • Last Updated:2022/07/08 15:20
  • (AA) The flame is not stable

    Cause1: Deposits have become attached tothe slot in the burner head. Corrective Action1: Wash the burner head.Click here forBurner Maintenance Caus... Show Detail

    • No:5315
    • Date of Issue:2021/03/26 13:27
    • Last Updated:2022/07/07 11:14
  • (AA) The absorbance or energy value has fallen very consi...

    Cause1:Either the hollow cathode lamp for thetarget element has not been installed,or it has been installed in a socketthat differs from the analysisconditio... Show Detail

    • No:5314
    • Date of Issue:2021/03/26 13:25
    • Last Updated:2022/07/07 11:13
  • (AA) Spike noise is generated

    Cause: The hollow cathode lamp does notlight stably. Corrective Action:After performing a line search, leavethe lamp for about 15 minutes until itwarms up... Show Detail

    • No:5313
    • Date of Issue:2021/03/26 12:04
    • Last Updated:2022/07/07 11:12
  • (AA) The absorbance is -1(minus one)

    Cause1: The light paths of the hollow cathodelamp and the deuterium lamp do notcoincide.(When the BGC-D2 mode is set) Corrective Action1:Adjust the positi... Show Detail

    • No:5312
    • Date of Issue:2021/03/26 12:02
    • Last Updated:2022/07/07 11:11

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