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FAQ within [ Troubleshooting ]

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  • (GCMS) RF Temperature Control Error

    1. The room temperature might be hight (such as over 40ºC). Check environmental conditions at the installation site. 2. The Q1 or Q3 RF temperature contro... Show Detail

    • No:4713
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/17 16:46
  • (GCMS) "Detector saturated" message a...

    1. Turn on the filament after solvent has completely eluted. If peaks elute before the solvent, use a time program to turn the filament off and on. 2. Dec... Show Detail

    • No:4712
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/17 16:43
  • (GCMS) No peaks appear, or peaks are ...

    Cause 1: Carrier gas flows? Action 1: If carrier gas is not flowing, please let the carrier gas flow. Cause 2: Carrier gas leaks. Action 2: Tigh... Show Detail

    • No:4711
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/17 16:38
  • (GCMS) Autotuning and Analysis Errors

    1. Error message displayed when standard is introduced. Checks that Filament ON Errors. 2. "Initialization Error" message appears. Whenstandar... Show Detail

    • No:4710
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/17 16:28
  • (GCMS) Filament ON Errors

    • "Filament consumed" message appears. Filament installation is not correctly. Filament malfunction. Click here for Filament Replacement Procedur... Show Detail

    • No:4709
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/17 16:18
  • (GCMS) Vacuum System Auto Startup Errors

    Cause 1: Does Rotary Pump1 (RP1) operate? Action 1: Connect the RP1 power cable to the back panel of the MS, and turn on the RP1 switch. If not resolve... Show Detail

    • No:4708
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/17 16:03
  • (GCMS) GCMSsolution Software Startup ...

    1. PC and MS or MS and GC connected properly? All connections must be made properly 2. Is GC power on? Turn on GC power supply and restart. 3. Is MS po... Show Detail

    • No:4707
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/17 15:54
  • (GCMS) Error status indicated by LED ...

    Normal LED Indications: Switch MS Unit → All 3 LED light → Green and Red LED goes out → Yellow LED remains ON LED Error Indications Yellow LED... Show Detail

    • No:4706
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/17 15:49
  • (GCMS) Measurres durriing Powerr Outtage

    For power outages of 10 minutes or less, normally no particular procedure is required as long as the [Vacuum Restart Mode] checkbox is selected in the window... Show Detail

    • No:4704
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/17 13:21
  • (GCMS) Chemical Ionization(CI, NCI) ...

    Cause 1: Either the cylinder valve of the gas cylinder, the control knob of the pressure regulator, or the outlet valve of the pressure regulator is closed. ... Show Detail

    • No:4703
    • Displayed Date:2020/12/17 12:59

1-10 of Total 12

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