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  • Recommended Inspection Cycle

    Recommended number of analysis and inspection cycles should be used for reference only. They are not warranty period. Inspect all items when you analyze... Show Detail

    • No:10077
    • Date of Issue:2024/03/27 16:08
    • Last Updated:2024/03/29 10:08
  • GC/GC-MS Maintenance Help

    GC: GC-2030, GC-2050, GC-2010, GC-2014, GC-2025 GC-MS: GCMS-QP2050 Peripheral Devices: AOC-30/20 series, HS-20 series GC-2030 Injection Port SP... Show Detail

    • No:9725
    • Date of Issue:2024/01/17 09:59
    • Last Updated:2024/03/04 09:01
  • (GCMS) Consumables(Other)

    • Standard Sample • Sample Pot (For DI: Direct Sample Inlet Device) • Rotary Pump Oil Show Detail

    • No:6481
    • Date of Issue:2021/06/23 17:28
    • Last Updated:2023/06/08 14:51
  • (GCMS) Consumables(Ion Source)

    • Ion Source for TQ8050 (NX)/ TQ8040 (NX)/ TQ8030/ QP2020 (NX)/ QP2010 ultra/ QP2010 Plus Appearance • Ion Source for QP2010 SE/ QP2010/ PA... Show Detail

    • No:6479
    • Date of Issue:2021/06/23 17:17
    • Last Updated:2023/06/08 14:29
  • (GCMS) Consumables(Injection)

    • Injection port septum • Glass inserts (for capillary column) • Glass insert parts • Silica wool Show Detail

    • No:6476
    • Date of Issue:2021/06/23 17:07
    • Last Updated:2023/06/08 14:02
  • (GCMS) Checking for Leaks

    This section describes how to check the instrument for leaks. If an air leak is clearly present, locate the leak as described in "2. MS Vacuum Leak Check", a... Show Detail

    • No:4705
    • Date of Issue:2020/12/17 15:41
  • (GCMS) Guard Column Installation

    1. Cut the deactivated fused silica tube (guard column) to approx. 2 m. 2. Using the capillary cutter, cut the connecting sections of the guard c... Show Detail

    • No:7236
    • Date of Issue:2020/12/17 10:18
  • (GCMS) Column Replacement

    1. Automatically stop the GC/MS. Wait until the "system shutdown" message appears. 2.Pull the column oven door latch toward you. 3.... Show Detail

    • No:7234
    • Date of Issue:2020/12/17 10:18
  • (GCMS) Reagent Gas Cylinder Replacement Procedure

    Replace the reagent gas cylinder by following the procedure below. The instrument need not be stopped to perform this procedure. 1. Click [Tuning] on ... Show Detail

    • No:4687
    • Date of Issue:2020/12/17 10:18
  • (GCMS) Rotary Pump Oil Replacement Procedure (GHD-031)

    Part Number: 225-38992-02OIL,ULVOIL R-2,1L(1L) 0.37L is necessary for each replacement. CAUTION: Wear safety glasses. 1. The photo on the le... Show Detail

    • No:8981
    • Date of Issue:2020/12/15 14:45

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